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    Alpha 3.1 już w rękach Evocati!

    Jak widać CIG nie zasypia gruszek w popiele i zgodnie z obietnicą ostro dąży do wydania wersji 3.1 w pierwszym kwartale roku (a dużo czasu do jego końca już nie zostało!). Patch alpha 3.1.0 właśnie został udostępniony Evocati, którzy mogą już testować nowości, o których my możemy tylko sobie poczytać na Roadmapie. Wersja testowa opatrzona jest numerem PTU-726521.


    Najbardziej zauważalne nowości, jakie pojawią się w 3.1 to:

    • Edytor postaci (czekamy na najbardziej paskudne efekty zabawy nim - nie okłamujmy się, od tego zawsze się zaczyna)
    • Możliwość tworzenia przez graczy beaconów (radiolatarni) z misjami do wykonania (w końcu będzie na co wydawać zarobione aUEC, a także pojawi się więcej rzeczy "do roboty")
    • Nowe statki i pojazdy:
      • Tumbril Cyclone (szkoda że to nie Czouk :()
      • Aegis Reclaimer (posiadacze Złomków - gotowi do pracy?)
      • Anvil Terrapin
      • MISC Razor (coś dla Strusi Pędziwiatrów, zobaczymy jak stawi czoła 350R i M50)
    • Nowe uzbrojenie:
      • Gemini R97 shotgun (PU)
      • KSAR Custodian (Star Marine)
      • Gemini R97 Shotgun (Star Marine)


    Oprócz tego jest poprawka usuwająca fochy adminów skutkujące konfiskatą paczek, masa poprawek błędów oraz hałda nowych. A wy na jaką nowość z wersji 3.1 czekacie najbardziej? Napiszcie w komentarzu pod artykułem!


    Pełna lista zmian w spoilerze poniżej.


    Star Citizen Patch 3.1.0

    Alpha Patch 3.1.0 has been released to the Evocati, and is now available to test!  Patch should now show: PTU-726521


    It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizenPTU\LIVE.


    Major Known Issues:

    40014 will cause a client crash. W/A: If this occurs, wait 10 minutes and relaunch.

    The missing person/crew missions immediately abandon after accepting.

    ESP is currently not behaving as intended and IFCS fixes are still pending.

    The new ships and vehicles are incomplete and may be missing certain functionality.

    Drake Cutlass rear ramp and side doors can not be opened.

    A target ship despawning will cause the player to crash.


    USER.cfg settings:

    r_displayinfo = 3


    Instructions for creating a USER.cfg can be found here:



    Testing Focus

    For the purposes of testing, ETF will be restricted to certain ships uniformly that will not include the new ships/vehicles yet. For this initial phase, we would like you to play as normal to test stability, focus on regression testing of the numerous bug fixes, and help with the following test request:


    New Features


    Added a logout timer when logging out in range of other players.


    Implemented the Character Customizer.

    - Players will be required to create a character when attempting to access the "Universe" menu.

    - Available to customize: Head, eye color, hairstyle, hair color, and skin tone.

    - Once selections are made, players can "accept" or "revert" back to default.

    - After a custom character is created, that character will be used for all game modes.

    - Character's can be changed after being accepted via the "Character Customization" tab on the "Universe" menu.



    Safe/persistent logout locations: Ship beds, major stations (Levski, GrimHex, Port Olisar).

    Implemented service beacons (Currently disabled, but below is how it should work).


    Creating a beacon

    - Locate "Create Beacon" on the far right of the Contract Manager of the MobiGlas.

    - Select a "Beacon Type" and subsequent options.

    Personal Transport: Destination, reputation requirements, payment offered.

    Combat Assistance: Reputation requirements, payment offered.


    - Created beacons can be viewed under the "Personal" tab under the "Beacons" group.

    - Created beacons can be canceled at anytime.


    Accepting a beacon

    - Beacons can be found under the "Beacons" group of the "General" tab of the Contract Manager.

    - Beacons will display beacon type, initiator's name, and payment offered.

    - Once accepted, you can cancel/withdrawl from the contract at anytime.


    Completing a beacon

    - Completed beacons will automatically move to the "History" tab.

    - Transport beacons will automatically be completed based on the transport destination.

    - Upon completion or cancellation, players can "rate" the other party (1 to 5).

    - Rating defaults to 3 if a player fails to rate before the time expires.


    Ships and Vehicles (comming soon, but not part of initial focus)

    Added: Tumbril Cyclone.

    Added: Aegis Reclaimer.

    Added: Anvil Terrapin.

    Added: MISC Razor.



    Added: Gemini R97 shotgun.



    Added visual change to better indicate when the player is in "focus mode" of interaction mode.

    Replaced old combat markers with new 3D markers including target brackets, hit indication, and missile locks.

    Added outline and further polish to target/self visor screens including additional hit effects for shields and hull areas.

    Added an additional MFD screen to customize the view angles of the target/self visor screens.


    Star Marine

    Added: KSAR Custodian.

    Added: Gemini R97 Shotgun.


    Bug Fixes

    Universe, Cargo, and Shopping


    Fixed missing helmet on a civilian in Grimhex.

    Items being purchased should no longer have 999999999 UEC in their name field.

    The internal geometry of the neck of the derelict Cutlass should no longer appear to lack any light.

    Players should no longer occasionally get stuck after performing an emote.

    The fan at Port Olisar's Dumper's Depot should now have spinning blades.

    ATC at planetary outposts should now be able to detect when a ship is landed and avoid spawning vehicles in that location.

    Medical supply boxes should no longer have "waste storage" written on them.

    Mining machines at moon outposts should now have audio.

    Fixed replaceme textured speakers found within Covalex.

    Fixed Eslin not being seated at his station at Levski, therefore not appearing on ATC comms.

    The interdiction effects should no longer began to play while the quantum drive is still spooling.

    The elevators in GrimHex should now properly have button press audio.

    Various tweaks to reduce excessive depth of field blurring.

    Players should no longer be able to push players off of ASOP terminals they are using.

    The mission marker should no longer appear huge when out of frame of the Starmap app.

    The ring/checkpoint UI markers should no longer have a delayed update when passed through during a race.

    Players should no longer be able to temporarily edit the text fields of an item they are purchasing.

    Fix for missing mission markers and moved bounty missions away from Kareah for Eckhart.

    Passengers should now properly see quantum effects when the ship they are riding in quantum travels.

    Fix for hangars occasionally missing atmosphere.

    The pet fish shop at Levski should now have collision for the shop counter.

    NPCs should no longer slide on turns.


    Admin NPCs should no longer become unresponsive after confiscating a box.

    Opening the MobiGlas while transitioning into EVA should no longer cause your EVA thrusters to get stuck on.

    Attempted fix for MobiGlas double trigger issue.

    Fixed missing couch interactions at Cafe Musain.

    ECN missions should now complete properly.

    Joining a game with your party while having the contact list open should no longer leave you at the main menu.

    Star Marine and FPS Gameplay


    The ending game scoreboard in Star Marine should now correctly show the score.

    Weapon audio should now propagate properly when on the surface of a rotating planetary body.

    The player should no longer be blocked from firing during certain transitional animations (ADS or crouching).

    Polished movement animations for player arms while moving crouched with a weapon drawn.

    Players should no longer get stuck with the options menu open if they had it open when a Star Marine match ends.

    Grenades should no longer occasionally be thrown as duds.

    Limited the rotation of the FPS Orbit spectator camera in Star Marine to prevent clipping.

    Combat emotes should no work when using a pistol or the railgun.

    Teammates in Star Marine should no longer occasionally have enemy colored tags.

    There should now be audio associated with the vital monitor to give a better indication of bleed out.

    Players should no longer be missing the timer and score HUD element at the top of the screen in Star Marine.

    The tracers for the Arclight Pistol should now render properly for the full distance.


    Ships, Vehicles, and Arena Commander


    The Reliant should now have its HUD back.

    The pilot's thumbs on the 300 series flight yoke should no longer bend backwards relative to g-force.

    Players should now properly die when their Sabre explodes.

    Fixed harsh camera angle changes during acceleration/deceleration for Dragonfly.

    The remote turret on the Super Hornet should no longer occasionally shoot through the cockpit.

    The Vanguard's various ship parts should no probably break up during ship destruction.

    The Freelancer DUR should now be spawnable in the hangar.

    The nose and cockpit of the Gladius should now break off properly when destroyed in zero-g.

    The nose of the Buccaneer should now break off properly when destroyed in zero-g.

    The cargo doors for the Starfarer should now have the proper associated audio.

    The audio for the Caterpillar elevator and side doors should now match up to the animation.

    The 3rd person camera for the Ursa passenger seat should no longer be alongside the rover.

    The Command Module of the Caterpillar should now properly break off during ship destruction.

    Hydrogen fuel should restore while the ship is off but still in motion.

    Ship controls should now properly animate when strafing in the Hornet.

    Fixed player zero-g collision issues that were making ship entry difficult.

    The radar screens on the Buccaneer and Caterpillar should no longer be inverted.

    Thrusters should no longer lose VFX after being repaired at Cryastro.

    The Herald should now break up properly during ship destruction.

    The Gladiator should now break up properly during ship destruction.

    In single player and co-op swarm modes the player should now spawn close to wingmen.

    The beds for the 300 series ships should now have proper audio.

    The Dragonfly UI should now properly update to reflect when the ship has moved into SCM flight mode.

    Entry into the Sabre Raven from zero-g should now work properly.


    Fixes for various issues with entry/exit on the 85x.

    Adjusted zero-g entry/exit animations for Scythe to fix timing off-set.

    The passenger's feet and ankles should no longer appear twisted in the Freelancer.

    Modified the damage behavior in the 300 series to fix issues with break-up and fixed bugs with the 325a and 315p paint schemes.

    Wanted indicators should now show properly on ship HUDs.

    Ramming another of your own ships should no longer give you a wanted level.

    Ship should no longer randomly change direction after activating Quantum Jump.

    The MobiGlas should no longer become stuck open when rapidly using while in an EVA state.

    Fixed the loop animation for weapon inspections so it operates cleanly.

    Repeater ship weapons should no longer appear to lag behind, creating the impression of multiple projectiles.

    Conversations with admins should now break properly when moving away.

    The VMA should now be usaable at GrimHex and Levski.

    Hangar flair fish should now have proper naming.

    Private matches of Arena Commander or Star Marine now require non-spectating players.

    The pilot and copilot's feet and hands should now align with the controls appropriately in the Starfarer.

    The Ursa Rover should now have collision sounds when driving into objects.

    Selecting a new ship before the last one has finished loading should no longer cause the VMA to display an incorrect loadout.

    Cargo bay VFX should no longer appear to float when the lift is lowered.

    Debug yellow text should no longer appear when prompted for vault opportunities.

    Zoom should no longer reset at motion when using the Arrowhead Sniper Rifle.

    Various fixes for destruction VFX bugs including stationary body left behind after explosion, ship bits looking whole after destruction, and improper detachments.

    Fixed lighting issues on derelict Caterpillar exterior.

    Fixed missing Dragonfly HUD.

    Scythe and M50 turbulence has been reduced near landing pads.


    The 325A should now be able to load and have its default missiles.

    The Avenger ejection seat should once again function properly.

    Lowered landing turbulence on the Reliant Kore.

    Spawned ships should now be read-only in the VMA.

    "Waiting for players" and other critical message lines should now appear properly in Arena Commander and Star Marine game modes.

    Races should now properly have checkpoint HUD indicators.

    Players should no longer spawn on top of one another at the start of an Arena Commander game.

    Ships in Arena Commander should now spawn with shields full.

    Inbound missile alerts should correctly expire after a missile is evaded.


    Numerous performance tweaks.

    Several crash fixes.

    Clients should no longer get stuck on a black screen when failing to connect to a server.

    Known bugs, issues, and work arounds (W/A):


    40014 will cause a client crash. W/A: If this occurs, wait 10 minutes and relaunch.

    The missing person/crew missions immediately abandon after accepting.

    ESP is currently not behaving as intended and IFCS fixes are still pending.

    The new ships and vehicles are incomplete and may be missing certain functionality.

    Drake Cutlass rear ramp and side doors can not be opened.

    A target ship despawning will cause the player to crash.


    Current Ship List

    AEGS Avenger Warlock

    AEGS Gladius

    AEGS Sabre Raven

    AEGS Vanguard Warden

    AEGS Vanguard Hoplite

    ANVL F7C-M Super Hornet

    ANVL Gladiator

    DRAK Buccaneer

    DRAK Caterpillar

    DRAK Dragonfly

    DRAK Herald

    MISC Freelancer

    MISC Prospector

    MISC Reliant Kore

    MISC Starfarer

    ORIG 300i

    ORIG 315p

    ORIG 325a

    ORIG 350r

    ORIG 85x

    ORIG M50

    RSI Ursa Rover

    VNCL Scythe


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