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Game Armada Galactic Guide: Leir System

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Galactic Guide: Leir System

This Galactic Guide originally appeared in Jump Point 4.10.

Leir is an unclaimed system that some once thought would develop into a major hub for Humanity. Discovered by an ICC scanning team canvassing Banshee in 2677, the pathfinders were thrilled to discover an A-type main sequence star with three mineral-rich and potentially habitable planets. The system’s initial assessment sparked interest in both the public and private sectors. Imperator Illyana Messer VI, still tightening her grip on the reins of power, decided not to commit resources to the system, leaving Leir’s official status in limbo.

Small time miners still went in droves. Many of them didn’t come back. Strange stories circulated and the system soon had a bad reputation both for danger and for its lack of basic services. There was only one settlement with any kind of longevity in the system. Located on the second planet, the settlement of Leir was a nexus of shiftless travelers, greedy miners, fugitive criminals and cold mercs looking to make a cred. Though the settlement was subsequently wiped out by the terraforming process, the name had been so firmly established in the public imagination that it became synonymous with the entire system.

In 2743, Galor Messer IX decided to capitalize on the still unclaimed system and opened the floodgates of commercial progress. He authorized the auctioning of a terraforming permit for Leir II, the system’s clear crown jewel, in an effort to fund his legacy, a complete foundational redesign of UEE government buildings. The winning bid was so high that many assumed it was a mistake. Turns out, it wasn’t.

The aggressive bid was the UEE’s introduction to Hatfield & Harding, a new venture between Clarence Hatfield, an eccentric trillionaire from Lo, and Olive Harding, a selfmade mining baron. The two had big plans for the planet. Now all they needed was someone to carry them out.


Hatfield and Harding scoured the universe and eventually found Dr. Marcus Fayel. A terraforming expert at UPARQ, his peers subsequently described him as brilliant, charismatic and ideal for the position. Dr. Fayel secured the job by the end of his initial interview.

Once operations began, Dr. Fayel established Leir II’s first terraforming colony atop the planet’s largest mineral mother lode. It wasn’t long before a clandestine mining operation was up and running. For years, Dr. Fayel hid the operation from Hatfield and Harding and funneled the profits to himself and a close cadre of associates who oversaw the operation. No one knows exactly when, but the stress of overseeing a massive terraforming project and hiding an illegal mining operation got to Dr. Fayel.

In 2803, the Hatfield and Harding board of directors named Dr. Fayel the company’s “Employee of the Year.” He declined an offer to receive the award in person, and instead sent a vid to the banquet. In it, Dr. Fayel consistently repeated the phrase “purity of purpose” and spoke in grandiose terms about the world “I am creating.”

No one batted an eye, though. According to multiple banquet guests, Dr. Fayel was hard to hear over the roar of company board members, who were more focused on advancing their own inebriation than hearing Dr. Fayel.

On May 3, 2812, the company abruptly lost all communication with their operations on Leir II. A few hours later, a looped message was broadcast from the planet. Dr. Fayel, dressed all in white, stood in the foreground while rows of workers stood in perfect order behind him. He announced that the planet’s “purification” was accomplished, but control of it would remain in his hands. He spoke at length about Humanity’s hubris and declared his intention to separate his believers from the rest of society. Dr. Fayel ended by declaring his intentions were peaceful, but that his followers would defend the planet to their death if anyone attempted to overthrow their authority.

Hatfield and Harding were furious. The company had been hemorrhaging money for decades and were in desperate need of a revenue stream. Quietly, they scrounged together credits and hired mercs to retake the planet. Archival records would later reveal that the company’s executives doubted the workers would stand with Dr. Fayel when push came to shove. They had no idea how wrong they were.

Though no one knows exactly what happened the day the mercs struck, scattered comms between them paint enough of a picture. The invading forces entered atmosphere and landed to find the population center deserted, only to be ambushed after they separated into teams to search for Dr. Fayel. The attack was designed to draw the mercs away from their ships and allow the craft to be taken intact. Some believe those ships constitute the backbone of the fleet that still patrols and protects the planet to this day.

Word of the failed operation spread fast, and Hatfield and Harding were brought before a Senate subcommittee to discuss the events. Investor confidence plummeted along with their stock price. It wasn’t long before the company folded and the fate of Leir II was left in Dr. Fayel’s hands.

Meanwhile, the UEE kept their distance since the system was officially unclaimed. Hatfield and Harding’s attempt to retake the planet only proved that the residents were willing to fight to the death to protect their new home. And after only recently ousting the Messers from power, the UEE had no stomach to use military force to impose their will upon more people.

To this day, many have theorized, but little is truly known, about Dr. Fayel’s tactics to convince the workers to stand by him for this grand experiment. Some believe it was decades of masterful information manipulation and brainwashing. Others have wondered if some unknown event triggered a mass psychosis upon the workers operating in an extremely stressful environment. Records turned over by Hatfield and Harding did show that no workers had requested to leave the planet in the project’s final five years. It is unclear whether everyone truly believed Dr. Fayel or whether dissenting voices were imprisoned or faced a worse fate. Following the merc invasion, Dr. Fayel and his disciplines were effectively cut off from the rest of the universe, earning the name that is still used to describe them — the Outsiders.

So the Leir System has subsequently languished. It doesn’t receive updated infrastructure and still lacks traditional trade routes and opportunities, all of which makes Leir one of the most fascinating systems around.


This small, rocky planet is naturally habitable, but not an ideal place to live due to its lack of infrastructure and amenities. A small mining population does call it home and is happy to trade with haulers.


Descendants of the original Outsiders still control Leir II, though they call it Mya. Some of Dr. Fayel’s hardline stances have been softened since his death, but most residents still treat visitors with contempt and most of the planet is deemed ‘off limits’ to visitors. Some are willing to sell items, but all refuse to buy anything.

Some visitors find the lack of commercial hustle and bustle unsettling, while others see it as soothing. Even without the appeal of trade, the planet is worth a visit solely for its stunning mountain ranges. It’s easy to see why so many believed this was a paradise worth protecting from the greater universe.

Purporting to be a “pure” planet, its population centers are unique. Due to the lack of building supplies from the greater universe, many structures use the same type of rocks, or are even cut directly into the mountainsides.


The third planet in the Leir System is a rocky orb teeming with resources. Early scans detected an abundance of graphite and crystals, encouraging many miners to risk landing on the planet despite the deadly storms that plague the surface.

Today, the planet has no permanent settlements since the large indigenous sandworms, known as Valakkar, seem to have a predilection towards destroying them. Some brave miners and outlaws do live in temporary encampments around the planet, but most embrace a nomadic existence and move regularly to stay ahead of the storms and worms.



Though the Outsiders shun external influences, don’t assume they aren’t equipped to protect themselves. A local militia patrols the planet in reliable yet aging ships, and they are not afraid to engage those seen as a threat.


“As I stood, gazing upon what I had perceived to be Humanity’s magnificence, a thought struck me, piercing my skull like a nail of light. It is only through purity of purpose that a planet such as this can be created to not only survive but thrive. I had been led astray. I had believed that I was righteous. I was not. But I will be.”

– Dr. Marcus Fayel, Hatfield and Harding “Employee of the Year” acceptance speech, 2803

“There’s a potential for greatness in this system. The second world, in particular, features stunning landscapes, appears to be overflowing with resources, and is ripe for terraforming. If easy access to the system is ever attained, the UEE needs to ensure everything is done to bring it into the fold.”

– Katherine Oliver, ICC Stellar Surveyor’s initial assessment, 2677

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      We give you multiple updates every week and have been since the inception of the project. This year we rolled out a live roadmap for Star Citizen’s development that is linked to our internal task and scheduling system and shows the planned features and content for the next four upcoming releases of Star Citizen Alpha. This December, we will also add the roadmap for Squadron 42’s completion.
      Speaking on behalf of the team, we are always amazed and humbled by the talent, imagination, creativity and passion that we see from the community. The beautiful screen shots and videos, the streamers that push the boundaries of what the game can do even in Alpha, the detailed proposals and feedback on how to make things better and the patient bug hunting so many of you do.
      To reduce Star Citizen to just be about the amount raised is to do a disservice to all this. No other game shares as much information on a weekly basis, and no other game I know of is as focused on listening to and working with its community to make the best game possible. When I look around and see other games, even ones from major publishers, copying our playbook, I know we have had a positive influence on the gaming industry.
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      This is why I believe Star Citizen has resonated with so many; we’re breaking both real and virtual barriers and boldly going where no gamer and game has gone before. And we couldn’t be doing it without all of you, our partners in this journey and the best community in gaming!
      This milestone is coming at a very exciting time for the project having just released Star Citizen Alpha 3.3 with Object Container Streaming (OCS) and Client Bind Culling, which makes a huge difference in client performance and memory usage. Face over IP (FOIP) is in the community’s hands and is proving to be a game changer. No other game has the ability to drive your avatar’s face and look via a webcam, as well as to place your voice diegetically inside the game. The possibilities for social interactions inside the world of Star Citizen now mirror what you can do in the real world. Lastly, with ship purchasing live in 3.3, we have a full game loop with basic progression, where you have a reason to haul cargo, take missions or mine.
      This week marks the start of our 2948 Anniversary Event, which celebrates the end of the original crowdfunding campaign back in November 2012. This year we are particularly excited by our Free Fly event where we are opening the opportunity to try out the 80 flyable ships and vehicles in game.
      Star Citizen Alpha 3.3.5, which brings a lot more content, including the planet of Hurston, it’s moons and the major landing zone Lorville, is currently in PTU and should be Live in the next few days.
      We are getting closer all the time to having a living, breathing persistent universe and as we close out this year, I look at the technology we must complete to achieve the vision and realize we are nearer to the end than the start.
      This knowledge, aided by the continued support and excitement we feel from all of you propels us forward with enthusiasm and a thirst for seeing the universe of Star Citizen become a home for gamers everywhere.
      Thank you, each and every one of you, for believing in the vision, supporting its development with unwavering commitment and making gaming history.
      See you in the ‘Verse!
      — Chris Roberts
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      Members from the VFX team in Manchester sit down to discuss their work and answer questions LIVE following recent presentations at CitizenCon 2948.

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      Anniversary Promotion & Free Fly Details Take to the skies!
      To celebrate the release of Hurston, Star Citizen’s first explorable planet, and commemorate our anniversary, we’re launching a Free Fly event of unprecedented magnitude.
      From Nov 23 through Dec 1 you’ll have the chance to try out every flyable ship and operable vehicle in the game for free. Here’s how it works:
      During the promotion, anyone can join Star Citizen’s Persistent Universe for free. You’ll be able to experience Star Citizen first-hand, but to get out there and start exploring, you’re gonna need a ship.
      Starting on November 23rd, every day, a different ship manufacturer in the game will make its entire flyable fleet available for a 24-hour test flight period.
      There may also be some surprises in store for those of you who make the trek out to Hurston and see what Lorville’s all about, as well as some fun interactive activities here on the website, so stay tuned.
      Check out the schedule below to plan your free test flights. Have fun and fly safe!

      The 2948 Free Fly Schedule
      Nov 23 – Anvil Aerospace

      Arrow: [REDACTED]

      Gladiator: A ruggedly built two-person dive bomber.

      Hornet F7C: Tough and dependable, the F7C is a multipurpose medium fighter.

      Hornet F7C Wildfire: Special Edition of the F7C Hornet with custom livery and loadout geared for Arena Commander.

      Hornet F7C-R – Tracker: Sacrificing a turret for an advanced radar dome, the Hornet Tracker seeks what is hidden.

      Hornet F7C-S – Ghost: Stealthy, quiet, silent – the Ghost haunts an area by keeping a low profile.

      Hornet F7C-M – Super Hornet: A two-seater multi-purpose medium fighter with a heavier loadout.

      Hurricane: A heavy fighter with excessive loadout, including a turret that punches through shields and defenses.

      Terrapin: Heavily armored ship with a sophisticated scanner, ideal for recon and exploration.

      Valkyrie: A heavily armed multirole gunship and dropship.

      Nov 24 – Roberts Space Industries

      Aurora ES: A descendent of the X-7, this is the perfect choice for new ship owners. Versatile and intuitive.

      Aurora LN: For the combat focused, the Aurora LN comes with bigger shields and larger weapons that pack a punch.

      Aurora LX: The Aurora Deluxe, adding luxury and comfort for long stretches in the deep black.

      Aurora MR: A balance of function and performance, the Aurora MR comes with cargo capacity and guns to ensure freight gets there safely.

      Constellation Andromeda: A multicrew freighter with modular design, the RSI Andromeda is one of the most iconic ships in the verse.

      Constellation Aquila: Exploring the stars and distant horizons with a rover, sensor suite and a redesigned cockpit offering max visibility.

      Constellation Phoenix: A chariot of the Gods, this converted luxury, high performance Constellation freighter is ideal for VIP transport.

      Ursa Rover: Rugged, durable and tough, this is the rover you need to explore a multitude of environments.

      Nov 25 – Origin Jumpworks

      300i: Travel in style with this high-performance sleek touring ship.

      315p: Traverse the ‘verse with this high-performance exploration focused ship.

      325a: Origin’s sleek signature fighter, the 325 makes a great companion for finding your mark in style and sophistication.

      350r: Origin’s sleek signature racer, the 350 makes a great companion for leaving your peers in the dust.

      600i Explorer: The luxury yacht of Star Citizen, designed to explore in comfort and style with a vehicle bay.

      85X: A luxury and sporty short-range runabout for pilot and passenger.

      M50: Origin’s premier racer, small, fast and highly agile.

      Nov 26 – Aegis Dynamics

      Avenger Stalker: A modified version of the Avenger, catering to bounty hunters with prison cells.

      Avenger Titan: A former police ship with a cargo hold for light freight and courier abilities.

      Avenger Titan Renegade: Special Edition of the Avenger Titan with custom livery and loadout geared for Arena Commander.

      Avenger Warlock: A variant of the Avenger, armed with an EMP generator to disable enemies.

      Eclipse: A sleek stealth bomber, armed with heavy torpedoes.

      Gladius: An aged but agile light fighter with mid-range armament.

      Gladius Valiant: Special Edition of the Gladius with custom livery and loadout geared for Arena Commander.

      Hammerhead: A multi-crew corvette bristling with manned turrets designed to counter fighters.

      Reclaimer: A heavy deep space salvage vessel to reclaim wrecks and derelicts.

      Retaliator Bomber: A long-range anti capital ship bomber, covered in manned turrets and capable of launching size 9 torpedoes.

      Sabre: Favoring agility over durability, this ship is light, sleek and deadly.

      Sabre Comet: Special Edition of the Sabre with custom livery and loadout geared for Arena Commander.

      Vanguard Hoplite: Long-range squad dropship with a turret gunner.

      Vanguard Warden: Long-range heavy fighter with a turret gunner.

      Nov 27 – Drake Interplanetary

      Buccaneer: A light fighter that sacrifices durability and an ejection seat for raw fire power.

      Caterpillar: A heavy multicrew commercial freighter. Lightly armed, with superior cargo capacity.

      Caterpillar Pirate: A heavy multicrew commercial freighter. Lightly armed, with superior cargo capacity and custom pirate livery.

      Cutlass Black: Black is back. Drake’s multicrew Cutlass is highly versatile, with combat and cargo prowess.

      Dragonfly Black: A two-seater grav-lev bike. Easily traverses rough terrain, or closes the distance in space.

      Dragonfly Yellowjacket: A two-seater grav-lev bike. Easily traverses rough terrain or closes the distance in space with custom yellow livery.

      Herald: No secret is safe, Drake’s Herald captures and stores information before leaving at blistering speed.

      Nov 28 – Alien Manufacturers

      Khartu-al: Enigmatic, exotic and agile. The fragile Khartu-al excels at lateral thrust and maneuverability.

      Nox: Sleek and fast, this gravity bike slices across rough terrain. Perfect for scouting and racing.

      Nox Kue: Sleek and fast, this gravity bike slices across rough terrain. Perfect for scouting and racing with a bespoke Silver paintjob.

      Vanduul Glaive: This Alien medium fighter replica drives fear with it’s ramming blades.

      Vanduul Blade: Armed and Dangerous. This alien fighter slices through the air with it’s agility and shreds its foes.

      Nov 29 – Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern

      Freelancer: A multicrew cargo freighter, with turret and ordnance to deter those after it’s haul.

      Prospector: A miner’s best friend, with a powerful mining laser and saddle bags to turn mineral to profit.

      Razor: Cutting ahead of the competition, this sleek racer will give the others a run for pole position.

      Razor EX: Stealth special edition of the Razor outfitted with signature-reducing materials and stealth components.

      Razor LX: Special edition of the Razor features an overclocked engine, reduced maneuverability and armaments in exchange of straight-line speed.

      Reliant Kore: A fusion of Xi’an and Human technology, this light freighter allows you to haul cargo with a friend.

      Starfarer: Keep fleets on the move with this heavy refueler.

      Starfarer Gemini: Keep fleets on the move with this heavy refueler, The Gemini version sacrifices capacity for armor and a missile launcher.

      Nov 30 – Kruger/Argo/Tumbril/Consolidated Outland

      P-52 Merlin: Small, agile and comes with a sting. This snub fighter is fragile, but difficult to hit.

      MPUV 1C: A small and unarmed utility runabout that transports cargo.

      MPUV 1P: A small unarmed utility runabout tuned to transport personnel.

      Cyclone: Stir up a storm with this robust two-seater buggy that can carry a little something in the back.

      Cyclone AA: This two-seater buggy with EMP functionality is armed with an anti-air missile launcher to deter threats from above.

      Cyclone RN: Unveils the fog of war, the recon variant of the Cyclone is mounted with a powerful scanner array.

      Cyclone TR: Support ground infantry with this combat variant, equipped with a mounted turret to provide cover fire for ground operations.

      Mustang Alpha: Consolidated Outland’s premier ship for those wanting to push the limits a little more when starting out.

      Mustang Beta: Home is where the heart is, the Beta offers comfortable living quarters for beginners roaming the frontier.

      Mustang Delta: The Mustang Delta is armed with heavier weapons and rocket pods.

      Mustang Gamma: Racing the competition? The additional engine loaded into the back will provide competitive the edge you need.

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