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“If you’re doing this to strike it rich quick, forget it. Those are fairy tales. You wanna mine credits out of this rock, you better be willing to put blood, sweat and tears into it first.”
– Lonnie “Three Hand” Pardino’s Guide to Mining Alone

Greetings Citizens,

Set out to seek your fortune with the MISC Prospector! For years, the Prospector has been the universe’s preferred mining vessel for solo operators. Featuring MISC’s sleek design sensibility and a bevy of upgraded high-tech mining tools, the 2947 Prospector perfectly balances form and functional. Don’t miss out on what many consider to be the best solo mining vessel around! See why the MISC Prospector is one of the most popular, independently operated mining ship in the ’verse, and get yours today.

MISC Prospector


This 2947 MISC Prospector features a durable hull and four centrally located side saddle storage containers to provide a compact profile for traveling through precarious areas of space. Anyone who has excavated asteroids knows that maintaining a stable position is essential, so MISC improved the VTOL thrusters with technology from our exclusive Xi’An partnership to make them strong enough to ensure your ship stays exactly where it needs to be when snagging those small chunks of precious rock, but sensitive enough to skillfully navigate through dense clusters.

The improvements don’t just stop there. Underneath the ship, an upgraded scanner offers a wider search area than ever before without having to change position, while the award-winning retractable mining laser has been modified to help you find and extract ores from previously hard to reach places.


Yet even with these latest upgrades, the Prospector stays true to the ship design that Whitley’s called “streamlined and efficient.” Bottom line, this mining craft only has exactly what it needs: top of the line hull design, high tech scanning and retrieval equipment, four large storage containers, and one seat just waiting for you.

Get a 2947 MISC Prospector today and see what independent miners have been raving about!

Visit the Prospector

MISC_Prospector_Blueprint-2.jpg MISC_Prospector_Blueprint-3.jpg MISC_Prospector_Laser_Cutter.jpg MISC_Prospector_Storage.jpg


Bright Prospects


Under the Hood

The MISC Prospector is the way to get started with mining in the ‘Verse! Last year, we developed a number of concept ships around different careers we are developing in Star Citizen. The Orion platform for miners, the Reclaimer for salvage crews, the Starliner for commercial space travel and the like. In these cases, we designed large, multi-crew ships that would let us prototype everything we want to do with a particular career… and now we’re going back and looking at gameplay progression. That is, determining how an individual player might progress from general ‘jack of all trades’ ships like the Aurora or Constellation to ones specialized for a career. The Prospector is the first of these ‘entry level’ career ships, and we’re extremely pleased with the work the team has put into it!

As cool as the Prospector looks, we know what really matters is how it works and what it does. Our designers have volunteered to answer some initial questions about the Prospector today, as we know there are always many things to discuss about a new ship. Do you have a question we haven’t covered? We will be doing two MISC Prospector Q&A posts on Wednesday and Friday next week with the ship’s designers! You can submit questions for consideration on the forums here.

You can also read more about plans for mining careers in Star Citizen here.

What is a ‘small’ mining ship and how does it compare to an industrial-class option such as the Orion?

The Prospector is the jumping off point for miners and is intended for precision mining on a small scale, finding mineral pockets on asteroids or planetside and extracting them. The Orion on the other hand operates on a much bigger scale befitting a large industrial ship. It is able to break up and destroy asteroids and, with the correct variant, process the minerals on board. The Prospector is more of a precision tool for a solo player to target resource pockets directly, whereas the Orion requires a full team to grind their way through an asteroid field.

Planetary mining? What about asteroids and other small space objects?

The Prospector can also land on asteroids and small objects if they are big enough to accommodate it, but the purpose of landing is to allow for mining deeper under the surface, so if the asteroid is only twice the size of the Prospector, it’s likely not worth doing.

Planetside mining will be broken down into the following phases:

  • Scanning – The first step should be to identify where the mineral pockets are under the surface. This way the miner can search around until they’ve found a spot that’s rich in minerals, or contains the resource they’re specifically searching for.
  • Landing & Prepping – The next step would be to find a safe, flat place to land that is above the selected mineral pocket. Once touched down, the pilot can then activate the ship’s deep core mining mode, in which the mining laser arm will extend further out and point downwards. In this state more power is able to be pushed to the mining laser as other ship systems are now turned off, so the laser will be visibly more powerful and can mine deeper under the surface.
  • Mining & Extracting – This would be a slightly more drawn out process than surface mining, as the mining laser has to bore a hole down to where the mineral pocket is. Once a path to the resource is cleared, the tractor beam begins extraction and begins to fill the storage crates.
  • Selling or Dropping – The Prospector is quite unique in that it can either take a full load of resources back to a station or refinery for selling, or it can drop the cargo on the spot and begin to fill one of the collapsed storage crates it has in reserve. This makes it very good for working in unison with other Prospectors and cargo haulers.


What can you tell me about the Prospector’s sensors? How do they compare to the Orion?

The sensors on the Prospector would operate on a smaller, more detailed scale. It would be able to circle asteroids and scan to find out where exactly the mineral “pools”/pockets are to extract, so it can pick and choose which minerals it wants. The Orion would be scanning on a higher level and at a longer range, scanning multiple asteroids at once to find out their mineral content so they can grind up the most valuable asteroids as a priority.

The biggest benefit the Prospector has over the Orion is that it can scan for and mine minerals planetside (where there may be different minerals depending on planet type) while the Orion is restricted to mining in space.

Do you operate the tools/mine from inside the cockpit or is there an EVA component?

It was intended that everything was handled from the cockpit, as you have to manage your equipment and keep an eye on how deep you are mining. It should be possible to leave it going and get out of your seat/the ship, but your productivity will suffer for it. The only time during a ‘by the book’ mining operation that we expect you to need to get out is if something goes wrong with the laser itself, causing it to require repairs.

Concept sale

About the Sale

The Prospector is being offered for the first time as a limited concept sale. This means that the ship design meets our specifications, but it is not yet ready to display in your Hangar or to fight in Arena Commander. The sale includes Lifetime Insurance on the ship hull and a pair of decorative items for your Hangar. A future patch will add an Prospector poster and then once the in-game model is finished you will also be given an in-game Prospector mini ship model! In the future, the ship price will increase and the offer will not include Life Time Insurance or these extras.

If you’d like to add one to your fleet, they’re available in the pledge store until May 2nd, 2016. You can also view a detail of the Prospector in the Holo Viewer in the Tech Overview of the ship page!


Remember: we are offering this pledge ship to help fund Star Citizen’s development. The funding generated by sales such as this is what allows us to include deeper, non-combat oriented features in the Star Citizen world. Concept ships will be available for in-game credits in the final universe, and they are not required to start the game.

Additionally, please note that the Prospector will be entering the ship pipeline now, it will ultimately be released after other concept ships have been completed. All decorative ‘flare’ items will also be available to acquire in the finished game world. The goal is to make additional ships available that give players a different experience rather than a particular advantage when the persistent universe launches.

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      Model lotu
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      Obecny model jest według twórców zbyt uproszczony, gdyż pojazdy te przelatują bez przeszkód nad każdą przeszkodą terenową. W kolejnej wersji celem jest zwiększenie głębi sterowania takimi pojazdami tak, aby gracz czuł, że poprawna jazda to trochę większe wyzwanie. Planowane jest rozwiązanie działające podobnie jak zawieszenie w samochodzie - gdzie thruster będzie przekazywał odpowiedni ciąg pod siebie, aby utrzymać stabilny tor przelotu.
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      Twórcy gry maja dwa sposoby na skonwertowanie animacji: automatyczny i ręczny. Automatyczny zostanie zastosowany do większości animacji. Pozwalający na lepsze dostosowanie animacji manualny będzie użyty tam, gdzie chcą uzyskać wyższy poziom szczegółowości / różnic pomiędzy płciami - przy interakcji z obiektami takimi jak statki, albo np. dla animacji chodu postaci.
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      Dobre animacje postaci to naprawdę trudne zadanie do wykonania, ale twórcom sprawia sporo satysfakcji umożliwienie graczom możliwości wyboru tego, jak ich postać ma wyglądac i się poruszać.
      Dziękuję @Quelen za ogromną pomoc w przygotowaniu materiału!
    • Przez Nebthtet
      Mamy dla was świeżą porcję wieści ze świata Star Citizena! Minęła ledwo połowa stycznia lecz CIG się nie obija i oprócz patcha 3.4.2 dostaliśmy trochę niespodzianek.
      W zeszłym tygodniu na kontach użytkowników pojawiły się świeże buy back tokeny umożliwiające odkupienie stopionych statków za store credit (czyli dolary, jakie macie na koncie RSI). To dobra okazja do przetestowania statków, których być może pozbywaliście się w przeszłości (jak np. Freelancer MIS czy MAX).

      Oprócz tego posiadacze statków będących nagrodami za referrale (Star Kitten Dragonfly oraz Gladius) otrzymały LTI! To naprawdę wspaniały prezent dla osób rekrutujących nowych graczy - jeśli macie takie cudeńko w hangarze, to myślę że teraz cieszy tym bardziej.
      Znajdziecie u nas także przetłumaczone patch notes wersji 3.4.2 (dziękuję @Ojciec!). Najważniejsze poprawki to:
      koniec z możliwością wsadzania dowolnych broni w jakikolwiek slot na statku, załatano "dziury" w osłonach, naprawiono samoczynnie otwierające się osłony kokpitów, poprawne wyświetlanie misji bounty huntera (łowcy nagród), Menadżer ekwipunku danego statku (VMA) powinien teraz zapisać zmiany dokonane w hangarach graczy, koniec z odradzaniem się w ostatnio odwiedzonym porcie / mieście przy wylogowaniu się na pokładzie statku, gdy gracz nie znajduje się w pobliżu danego portu/miasta. Wszystkie zmiany znajdziecie rzecz jasna w naszym dedykowanym dziale z Patch Notes:

      Nie zapominajcie też o regularnym dopisywaniu swoich zgłoszeń Issue Council do naszego wątku - polska społeczność Star Citizen wspólnie działa aby gra miała mniej błędów!

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